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18/01/21 - CataLight Research Seminar with Sandra Luber

We would like to invite you to our CataLight Talks-Colloquium on Monday 18.01.2021 at 10.00 am.

Guest: Prof. Dr. Sandra Luber, University of Zurich

Website: https://www.chem.uzh.ch/en/research/groups/luber.html

Info: Recent research of the Luber Group concentrated on solar light-driven water splitting both in nature’s photosystem II and in artificial systems. The latter is a promising way for hydrogen production, which is desirable for sustainable energy storage and conversion. Since water oxidation is currently a main bottleneck for the development of high-performance artificial water splitting devices, the Luber group has especially focused on bio-inspired approaches for the development of high-performance water oxidation catalysts mimicking nature’s photosystem II. Current efforts deal with development of computational methods for detailed investigation and intelligent design of novel efficient catalysts.

In particular, th Group has worked on methods using ab initio molecular dynamics for calculation of certain properties, environmental effects, and free energies (in combination with enhanced sampling methods) as well as wavefunction-based methods for highly accurate electronic structure.


Meeting-ID: 924 7906 1503

Code: 505126


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