15/02/21 - CataLight Research Seminar with Claudia Turro

We would like to invite you to our CataLight Talks-Colloquium on Monday 15.02.2021 at 4.00 pm (CET).

Guest: Prof. Dr. Claudia Turro, Ohio State University, USA

Website: https://research.cbc.osu.edu/turro.1/

Title: “Bimetallic Systems for Enhanced Sunlight Capture and Photocatalytic Single-Molecule Hydrogen Production”

Info: The Turro group is interested in understanding and utilizing reactions of metal complexes that can be initiated with light. The potential applications of these reactions span the areas of photochemotherapy (PCT) for the treatment various diseases, luminescent reporters and sensors, and solar energy conversion. In order to improve and expand their reactivity, the fundamental understanding of the excited states of mononuclear and dinuclear metal-metal bonded transition metal complexes is necessary and remains an important subject of investigation. The work in the Turro group focuses on the control and dynamics of excited states, including photophysical properties, and reactivity, including energy transfer, charge separation and recombination, and photochemical reactions.


Meeting-ID: 924 7906 1503

Code: 505126